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As the founder of Clean & Sober Transitional Living, I am committed to helping eradicate the shame and stigma of addiction and alcoholism, which often keep people from seeking help. So I’ve pulled together eight fast facts about recovery from substance use disorder.

I hope these facts help people leave their misconceptions behind as they approach chemical dependency as a preventable and treatable brain disease. There’s no room for shame and stigma in this evidence-based conversation:

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“My twenty-year-old daughter does very well in college, but has had two DUIs and also a short stint in jail for pot. I don’t want to take her out of college to get help, but I am worried.”

Two DUIs by the age of 20, plus some jail time for pot? Your daughter sounds like she is in the throes of addiction. Please remember addiction is a brain disease, a disease that is chemically driven by mood-altering substances including drugs and alcohol. She needs serious help.

Her whole life is ahead of her, so give her a chance to heal and get back on track. Many, many young people have gone back to school later in life and found great success. Most importantly, taking a critical year off to get healthy will not derail her academics, but addiction will.

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While there is no single “magic bullet,” in 2016 legislators took a variety of steps to combat synthetic drugs by making them illegal to manufacture, distribute or possess. Learn how legislation can be a weapon in fighting substances that “pose an imminent hazard to public safety.”

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) map of drug overdoses by state paints a stark and disturbing picture. And you may not be aware that people who take doctor-prescribed opiates for long-term pain relief are particularly vulnerable to dependency, overdose and death. These quick tips can reduce your risk.

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Documenting the heart-wrenching national crisis that impacts us all, a Wall Street Journal investigative report explores how tens of thousands of children now flood the nation’s foster-care system in the wake of their parents’ struggle with addiction. This must-read article puts a precious face on a story too often told by numbers and graphs.

For a very different perspective on this family-crushing trend, one mother shares her thoughts on how to reclaim family health by switching focus from her addicted child to the rest of the family, including herself.

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