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The team at CSRS recently completed a “branding” exercise as a way of exploring the common basic underpinnings of the way we work at our residential and outpatient treatment centers. This interesting process revealed a theme that resonated for all of our staff as we explored the many ways we connect with our residents. That theme - “Going above and beyond” - is an underlying principal of the work we do.  What does that look like in action?

  • We provide 40 hours of classwork to our residents, which goes way beyond the California requirement of 20 hours. Those classes, which cover the disease of addiction, cognitive behavioral therapy, anger management, triggers, life skills and more, give our residents a solid foundation for sustained recovery.
  • We are developing a program specifically for Veterans. Already in the lineup are free detox treatments, discounts on record clearances from the Chastaine Law Office, along with free and confidential counseling for Veterans and their families who are struggling with PTSD or other mental health issues. We are also trying to identify a funding stream to make treatment more affordable for our Veterans, so please call us if you have resources in that area.
  • We offer free, confidential Family Support Meetings to help our community understand and deal with a loved one’s chemical dependency.  You can attend whether or not you’ve got someone in treatment at CSRS. The meetings are led by family counselor and interventionist Ricki Townsend.  She’s NOT on our staff, so she refers to us only when appropriate, but she has volunteered for nine years to lead these free, confidential family meetings every Sunday…call us for details.
  • Chef Anthony rebuilds body, mind and spirit with his Michelin Five Star meals. Check out our May 10 Facebook post to get a taste of what’s he’s dishing out. Recovery never tasted so good!   

Even our tag line – “Let’s Get Better Together” captures the essence of “above and beyond.”  It means you don’t have to do this alone, we’ve got your back, and we’re in this together. Recovery takes a village, and we are part of your tribe.

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The Golden Years look pretty darn tarnished through the lens of addiction, which is hitting our Seniors hard. Some Seniors now resort to selling their prescription meds in order to pay the bills. Others are raising their “Opioid Orphan” grandchildren and great grand-children. And some have gotten addicted to the post-surgery meds prescribed by their doctors.  What is AARP’s take on this brewing storm?

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Clean & Sober Recovery Services’s intensive outpatient program (IOP), located just three blocks from our residential treatment program, offers outpatient counseling during the day or evenings. This structure makes it possible for people to participate in treatment while meeting employment or family obligations. Typically, intensive outpatient programs run three hours a day, three to five days a week for eight to twelve weeks. Intensive outpatient treatment is often covered by health insurance, and we will work with your insurance company to see if you have coverage.

We've offered expert care since 2008 in the CSRS residential treatment center. We have a track record of providing the knowledge, tools and structure to help people achieve long-term sobriety. This is what sets us apart:
•    Our Bio-Psycho-Social model of treatment focuses on helping people reclaim health in body, mind and spirit.
•    Our expert team includes a clinical social worker and certified substance use disorder counselors.
•    Our ongoing family education and support helps the entire family regain health and balance.
•    Our continuum of care can meet evolving needs as part of a long-term recovery program.
•    Our strong involvement with the local recovery community helps participants build a foundation of local 12-step support for sobriety long after formal treatment ends.
•    CSRS is a family business. The owners are on site and easily accessible to participants and their families.

Our outpatient counseling center, located at 9198 Greenback Lane in Orangevale, is just several miles from Clean & Sober Transitional Living, Northern California’s largest and most-established sober living community. Participants in our IOP program may consider living in the CSTL sober living community while they bolster their recovery through our program.

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Author Ricki Townsend is a Registered Interventionist, Drug/Alcohol Counselor, Ncac1, CADC-CAS, Bri-1, Chaplain and Grief Recovery Specialist. 

Occasionally, the parents of addicted children (of any age) say something like, “Wow, Dr. Spock forgot that final, important chapter – the one on addiction and alcoholism.”  And it’s so true…where was that guidance around helping our children understand and safely navigate the world of drugs and alcohol? Schools devote, at most, several weeks a year to exploring how alcohol and other drugs impact their bodies. And “invulnerable” teens continue to test limits by "experimenting" with alcohol and other drugs. (Note that an "experiment" is one or two trials; like spinach, you either like it or you don't). Parents are in the dark about the risk factors for and prevalence of teen drinking and drugging, so they blindly believe “Not my child.” And communities as a whole, for the most part, sweep the issue under the carpet.

It’s like the era of “The Big C,” when people didn’t utter the word “cancer” for fear that it would bring that disease to life. Well, cancer is alive and well, even if you don’t call it by name, and so is addiction and alcoholism, or what we know today as Substance Use Disorder.

The denial, shame and secrecy of Substance Use Disorder means that people lack even the most basic information about this disease.  For that reason, I decided to pull together an e-book which is free to all.  It’s called Recovery 101: the 15 Most Important Things to Know about Addiction, Treatment and Recovery. You can get Recovery 101 on the CSRS home page.

Let's all claim our knowledge and the power it gives us to rebuild healthy lives!


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