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    Reclaiming health in body, mind and spirit at our beautiful Orangevale facility

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    Reclaiming health in body, mind and spirit at our beautiful Orangevale facility

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    Reclaiming health in body, mind and spirit at our beautiful Orangevale facility

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CSRS’s intensive outpatient program, located just three blocks from our residential treatment program, offers outpatient counseling during the day or evenings. This structure makes it possible for people to participate in treatment while meeting employment or family obligations.

Typically, intensive outpatient programs run three hours a day, three to five days a week for eight to twelve weeks. Please call us at (916) 990-0190 to learn about our intensive outpatient program and see if it is covered by your insurance.

We have designed our in-patient residential treatment program to support recovery in body, mind and spirit:

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  • In our group and individual counseling sessions, we use a cognitive behavioral therapy approach to help people develop healthy alternatives to drugs and alcohol. We work on issues of self-esteem, anger management, triggers, boundaries, the brain disease of addiction, life skills and relapse prevention.
  • We rebuild physical fitness with volleyball, swimming and weightlifting, and we restore spiritual wellness with daily meditation and mindfulness.
  • Our chef creates delicious and nutritious meals that restore physical health.
  • We offer twice-weekly family education to help families heal.
  • We build strong connections with the local 12-step community so participants have a network of support for sustained sobriety after formal treatment ends.
  • After graduation from our program, we offer three months of weekly “aftercare” at no additional cost.

"Because of this facility my son was able to find hope, courage, and determination to fight the meth addiction of 10 years and grow into a responsible adult with over a year of sobriety. Rates were very reasonable as well."

man helping woman climbingAn intervention is a process that helps people understand how their drug or alcohol use has become destructive to themselves or others. The goal of an intervention is to lovingly and respectfully encourage a loved one to seek help for their addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is often the first step to recovery.

As part of an intervention, family and friends are educated about substance abuse so they can support their loved one’s recovery process in an informed and unified way. If you need help with an intervention, Clean & Sober Recovery Services will work with you to find professional assistance.

Dependency on drugs and alcohol may call for a medically-supervised detoxification (“detox”) that reduces physical discomfort while monitoring health and safety. We will help you figure out if a detox is necessary. Call us at (916) 990-0190 for assistance.

happy man holding loyal dogClean & Sober Recovery Services, Inc. has offered expert care since 2008. We have a track record of providing the knowledge, tools and structure to help people achieve long-term sobriety. Call us at 916 990-0190 to learn how we can help eople reclaim health in body, mind and spirit.

  • Our expert team includes an attending physician, a clinical social worker and certified substance use disorder counselors.
  • Our continuum of care can meet evolving needs as part of a long-term recovery program.
  • Our ongoing family education and support helps the entire family regain health and balance.
  • Our strong involvement with the local recovery community helps participants build a foundation of local 12-step support for sobriety long after formal treatment ends.
  • CSRS is a family business. The owners are on site and easily accessible to participants and their families.

"Because addiction is a family disease, my husband and I attended the Sunday family meetings held there where we learned healthier, more effective ways to interact with our son on his recovery journey as well as our own. These weekly meetings help families understand addiction as a brain disease and offer invaluable support to all family members. The incredible staff here along with family counselor Ricki Townsend who volunteers her time facilitating the Sunday meetings have certainly helped this family recover!



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Phone: (916) 990-0190


Regular Office Hours: M - F from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Participant Tours - By Appointment Only
Phone Availability: 24 / 7

We are located 30 minutes from downtown Sacramento.

We are conveniently located 30 minutes from the Sacramento Metropolitan Airport, and we are two hours from San Francisco.

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