I went to a clinic for a recommendation for treatment. They were so caring, comforting, and made me feel as if I wasn’t alone. They spoke to me about resources available to me. I’ve had issues with addiction for years. They offered an opportunity for me to go inpatient at Chestnut Clean & Sober Recovery Services for ninety days. They explained that Chestnut has dealt with newly diagnosed people and it would be a great fit for me. I had already attended one rehab, and frankly it left a bad impression for what I thought I was getting myself into. I was desperate for help; I agreed.

A week later I arrived at Chestnut. I was welcomed in by staff. The set-up was very different from the past rehab I attended. It was clean and reminded me more of a house. I didn’t feel as if I was a number, but a member of a home. We attended daily classes and activities that helped me deal with my demons, as well as basic life skills. I felt I could be my authentic self. I was able to express feelings, emotions, and past history that I had never brought into light. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the care and love the staff showed. I was required to find a Sponsor and begin working a twelve step program. I felt I was in no place to make that decision. I trusted the staff to find someone compatible for me. They were spot on. I would never have thought she would be a good fit, but she spoke the same language as I did. I am forever grateful for that gift Chestnut gave. Part of the program was going to local twelve step meetings. Multiple times a week we would venture to CSTL (Clean & Sober Transitional Living). The people at the community were welcoming, always asking how I was and how they could help with my recovery. Many of their own stories started out at Chestnut. It showed me that sobriety was possible since I was on the same trail they took. I genuinely feel now that is the key take away from Chestnut, the relationships that I made with staff and other past and present clients.


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