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Top ten holiday survival tips for those in recovery

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To help the holidays be healthy days, we offer these time-tested tips for those in recovery:

•    Take good care of yourself. The holidays can be extra stressful, so be sure to create time and space for daily relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. Exercise, get some sunshine every day, and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

•    View each day through a lens of gratitude. Write down your blessings each and every day.

•    Spend time with your recovery community. The holidays can be lonely, so reach out to others – for them and for you.

•    Make a list of people you can call who will provide support if your recovery feels shaky

•    Set the stage for sober celebrations. If your family members are big drinkers or have other addictions, you may choose to avoid the celebrations they host. Instead, invite them to celebrate with you on your terms in a setting that won’t trigger bad behavior from anyone.

•    Bolster your support system. Reach out more often to your therapist, sponsor, spiritual advisor or support group.

•    Find positive ways to celebrate. Spend time with people who bring you happiness and joy. Avoid people who bring you down and the gatherings where drugs or alcohol are the main event

•    Give yourself the gift of getting rid of resentments.

•    Make plans for parties. Build in accountability by making plans to check in with your support system before and after you go to a holiday party. Attend festive events with someone who supports your abstinence. Plan ahead for an easy exit by driving yourself or using a rideshare service like Uber.

•    Tap into the spiritual base of the holidays. Focus on your relationship with your Higher Power, and the beauty of unselfish giving and service to others.

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