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The Alphabet Soup of Recovery calls for CBT, AA, NA and....

By John Perry, Co-founder, Clean & Sober Recovery Services

What kind of personal growth takes place at the Clean & Sober Recovery Services treatment center? Immersed in the 40 hours of treatment that we offer each week is a strong focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Quite simply, CBT helps people identify and re-frame harmful thought patterns. In essence, our counselors help clients acquire new skills to respond to life’s ups and downs. Those new ways of thinking help clients manage their depression, their anger, their impulsivity or their self-doubts. With time and practice, they learn to view the world through a more measured and thoughtful lens.

This self-insight helps them come up with different, healthier responses to stressors and challenges across the board; the benefits go far beyond the arena of drug and alcohol abuse. This wisdom can enrich their lives, and the lives of others.

While CBT is our “backbone,” we also embrace the principles of the AA or NA 12 step programs. Every day, our residents attend at least one AA or NA meeting in the local area. These meetings make it easy to meet others in the recovery community, which provides a “soft landing” when people leave treatment. They already know people who are living a life of recovery, which gives them a support system of sobriety. It’s a big and strong community.

At those AA or NA meetings, attendees receive a “chip” (for 30 days of sobriety, for example) that is a validation to the outside world that they’re headed down the right path. It’s one of the few measuring sticks we have for sobriety that others can witness. It’s a healthy, motivating force because it prompts people to recognize how far they’ve come in their recovery. And it prompts sober peers to offer up the support for sobriety that can be essential early in the game.

If you have a loved one who needs treatment or is in treatment, I encourage you to attend an “Open” AA meeting so you can witness the power of recovery. It’s a pretty amazing experience to see people receive chips for 30 days of sobriety, or 30 years. I also encourage you to call us (916) 990-0190 if you have any questions about how treatment and recovery can change outlooks - and change lives.


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