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Questions about alcohol or drug addiction treatment? We've got answers

By John Perry, Co-Founder, Clean & Sober Recovery Services

When people call Clean & Sober Recovery Services to inquire about our residential treatment program, they often ask two questions. First of all, is Clean & Sober Recovery Services a hospital? No, we’re more like a home setting where people can safely learn how to navigate life without alcohol or drugs as their “steering wheel.”

Callers also ask if Clean & Sober Recovery Services is a lock-down facility, and the answer is No. Our residents are all adults, and we don’t have a 10-foot fence to keep them here. Our staff does keep a pulse on the attitudes and behaviors that signal someone might be restless. When residents seem vulnerable, we work proactively with them to tackle whatever issue is prompting them to look for the exit. Sometimes, it’s family issues. Sometimes it’s job concerns. But it’s ALWAYS in their best interests to complete their treatment. More often than not, those conversations with our staff help residents through the rough spots, and they decide to stay.

Treatment IS hard work, and it can be uncomfortable because we are no longer anesthetizing our feelings with alcohol or drugs. It can be painful to look back at any wreckage we created while under the influence. So sometimes our residents sincerely believe they will “feel better” when they leave. Or they convince their families that they are miserable here, and then their loved ones support them in returning home. Either way, leaving early does not bode well for sustained sobriety.

The longer someone is in treatment, the more likely it is that they can “stick” their recovery. We always say that 90 days in residential treatment is the gold standard for sustained recovery. National statistics and government studies show that about 70% of people who are in treatment for 90 days will still be sober one year after they start treatment. And for those who transition to recovery housing, the statistics get better and better with time.

If you had cancer, you wouldn’t do chemo for a month and expect great results. It’s the same with treatment for Substance Use Disorder: More treatment = better results. So, let’s stack the deck in favor of building a durable and resilient recovery that serves our residents well, no matter what “life” throws at them once they complete their program at CSRS.


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