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Internal and External Addiction Triggers

In the ongoing process that is recovery, there is always the concern of that most-feared occurrence – relapse. Despite complete determination and the best professional treatment, sometimes circumstances or stimuli known as 'addiction triggers' can result in a return to drug or alcohol use and dependency.

This is not a sign of weakness nor does it mean an individual will not eventually achieve abstinence. Recovery is a challenging process, and we are continuously learning as we go through it. There are many different triggers that can create powerful cravings that lead to relapse.

Addiction triggers come from an almost endless number of things, situations or emotions. Generally, they are divided into two types: internal and external.

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The Dangers of Improper Detoxing

While the risks of overdose or death are generally considered the greatest dangers associated with drug or alcohol dependence, improper detoxing can result in disastrous – even fatal – results as well. It may seem ironic, as detoxing is an integral and one of the earliest parts of the recovery process. However, the harsh reality is, an individual with a serious physical dependence on certain substances can find themselves in peril if this stage of recovery is not undertaken correctly. It's important for detoxing to happen with professional supervision such as during inpatient treatment at a medically assisted treatment center.

Before getting into the dangers of improper detoxing, it is important to understand why detoxing is necessary. That conversation must always start with the concept that prevents many with physical dependences from seeking help – withdrawal.

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Is Drug Addiction a Disease?

Many people don’t understand how or why drug addiction happens. Sometimes they think people who use drugs could simply stop using them whenever they wanted. A lot of people assume addicts keep using drugs because they lack the willpower to say no. Or that they don’t have a moral compass guiding them to stop. The truth though, is that drug addiction is a complex issue. Drugs change the brain in a way that makes quitting difficult even though someone has a strong will or good intentions. 

One good piece of news for drug addicts who want to quit is that researchers have collected vast amounts of information on how drugs affect the brain. This has allowed them to develop effective treatments that help people recover from their drug addictions and start leading productive lives again.


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Understanding an Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common substance use disorders affecting Americans today. But because alcohol is a legal narcotic, it is one that often goes untreated. In fact, even though more people seek treatment for alcoholism than any other SUD, as much as 95% of those who need treatment feel they don’t have a problem. To put this into perspective, 1 in 13 adults in the United States abuses alcohol or has an alcohol addiction.

With alcoholism being so prevalent, it is not an unknown or mysterious condition. But contrary to popular belief, neither is it something that alcoholics bring on themselves. Although you can take steps to avoid it, alcoholism is a disease caused by defects in the brain. And these abnormalities are inherited. When an alcoholic drinks, their brain reacts differently to other peoples. Emotional instability, traumatic circumstances, personality disorders, and character defects worsen the problem.

There are many things that lead to excessive drinking but to really understand alcohol addition, you need to know these facts.

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