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Transitional Living

cstl 400 After graduation from our residential or IOP program, we recommend that people continue to bolster their recovery in a sober living community or "halfway house." For sober living, we recommend Clean & Sober Transitional Living (CSTL), a local community of adults who share the intention of achieving long-term freedom from drugs and alcohol. Some people affectionately refer to this recovery community as "Mad House" because of its central location on Madison Avenue.

Our residents are familiar with CSTL because they've been attending meetings at the main meeting house; they know the residents there, and their own sponsor might event live in one of their 14 recovery homes. The transition to CSTL housing can feel familiar and comfortable.

Established in 1989, CSTL includes 14 homes and 120-plus residents. It's the oldest and largest transitional living community in Northern California. CSTL has provided safe, secure and affordable recovery houseing to over 6500 people as they strengthened their recovery, learned how to prevent relapse and built a strong foundation for a life free from drugs or alcohol.

Call CSTL at (916) 961-2691 to learn more.


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We are located 30 minutes from downtown Sacramento.

We are conveniently located 30 minutes from the Sacramento Metropolitan Airport, and we are two hours from San Francisco.

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